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Special deals on game days:

  • Sleeves - $4
  • Pints - $5
  • Pitchers - $15
  • House Wine - $4
Add wings or half nachos for $10

Specials valid during Canucks games only.

St. Patrick's Day



clovers collide

Join us on March 17th for the Derby’s annual St. Patrick’s Day “Horseshoes and Clovers” celebration. With all that luck on loan from our Irish brothers, sisters, friends, and neighbours, there’s no better day to come and place a bet. All day, we’ll be serving classic Irish drinks, food, and music for a grand celebration that is sure to have you counting down the days until the next time you can put on your best greens. Book your table today, and we’ll see you there!

Irish Food Specials

  • Shepherd's Pie - $12
  • Irish Stew - $14
  • Corned Beef Sliders (3x) - $10
  • Irish Nachos - $12

St. Patrick's Day Drink Specials

  • Green Pints and Guinness - $5
  • High Balls - $3.5
  • Irish Mules - $9

For more information or to book your table, please get in touch below.

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Shamrock and horseshoe drawing

wine wednesdays

If you’re looking for a window into the life of the horsey set, then look no further than Wednesday nights at the Derby. On Wednesdays, we encourage our patrons to take a step out of the stands and up into the owner’s box with an evening of wine, fine dining, and sophisticated wagering. 

With a trained sommelier guiding your meal, we offer a unique experience designed to delight the senses and take you and your party by the hand to a bygone age. Whether you are gathering with friends to gossip about the latest scandal on the track, predicting the next Triple Crown winner with other enthusiasts, or simply looking to enjoy a quiet evening with a beguiling suitor, Wednesday nights are for you. 

Each meal involves a curated choice of two red and two white wine tasters, along with a garden salad and a gourmet pasta, and at only $39, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the perks of the ‘Set’ without having to buy a horse.

For more information or to book your table, please get in touch below.

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Cocktails and Mocktails

friday Flight Nights

If you are looking for an easy and affordable Friday night experience, let us formally invite you to Flight Night at the Derby Bar and Grill! At this weekly event, and only for $29, you receive four 3-ounce cocktail / mocktail racers for your flight. Once they are set at the starting gate, along with your choice of a delicious appetizer, the race is on.

Will you take it slow, enjoying each drink as it comes, or will you sample the field, watching as they jockey for position as the race unfolds? Which of these talented and boozy racers will make the grade and be sought after next week? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s at the Derby Bar and Grill on Friday Flight Nights!

assorted cocktails
floral decoration

Join us each Friday for cocktail and mocktail flights.

4, 3-ounce cocktails or mocktails
An appetizer of your choice
floral decoration