sire dam sex age purchaser price
Oxbow Dauphine Russe (FR) f y Concepcion Mabanta 3000
Harbor the Gold Daylight Cat g y Peter Redekop B.C. Ltd. 9500
Bakken Drop of Gold c y Riversedge Racing 10000
Stephanotis Eagaletto f y Paul Caravetta 8500
The Factor Evelyn’s Dancer f y Dave Bauman 25000
Value Plus Finality Philly c y 0
Lent Finality’s Charmer f y Pocket Aces Racing Stable 10000
Value Plus Flight Path c y V & R Gilker, Ernie Chu 14000
Second in Command Gabigotherway c y 0
Value Plus Ghost Girl f y Cindy Rochan 6500
Maclean’s Music Gift Wrap c y 22000
Second in Command Glory Is Forever c y Peter Redekop B.C. Ltd. 29000
Second in Command Golden Roar c y Triple J Aggregates Inc. 16000
Lent Gosailgo f y Riversedge Racing 31000
Numaany Go Sweetly g y Marilyn Sutherland 3000
Tale of Ekati Harborinthetempest f y Walter Baker 4500
Overanalyze High Cholesterol c y Riversedge Racing 20000
Fort Larned Honey Dew Honey c y Willow Creek Farms 25000
Animal Kingdom Humor Me Molly g y Swift Thoroughbreds Inc. 61000
Numaany Interrogar g y 0
Bakken Katchin Fire f y Willow Creek Farms 4000
First Dude Keep On Burnin g y 0
Bakken Lady Fettuccine f y George Sharp 1000
Second in Command Lady General c y Ed Claggett 1000
Gemologist Langers f y Swift Thoroughbreds Inc. 35000
Tapiture La Violette f y Swift Thoroughbreds Inc. 35000
Bakken Leading Lady f y George Sharp 7500
Tiede Lost Humor f y Willow Creek Farms 1000
Harbor the Gold Mille Luna f y 0
Second in Command Miss Juicey f y Hastings Racing Club 15000
Finality Miss Kay Dee Raine c y Willow Creek Farms 16000
Finality Miss Me Not f y Daryl Stewart 5000
Overanalyze Miss Rosemary g y Tamara Baker 1000
Second in Command Montero f y William DeCoursey 19000
Oxbow Moon Dreamer f y Mike Whieldon 6000
Lent My Special Angel f y Dave Forster 20000
Sungold Mystical Molly f y Peter Redekop B.C. Ltd. 19000
Second in Command Noble Perfection f y 0
Harbor the Gold Ouch c y Don Danard 30000
Lent Our Country Girl f y Ed Claggett 20000
Oxbow Paladin Bay f y Big Fly Stables 29000
Afleet Alex Personally Yours f y Elizabeth Jones 11000
Grazen Piedras Negras c y Peter Redekop B.C. Ltd. 59000
Texas Wildcatter Pike Place Market g y 0
Lent P.S. Touch Down c y 0
Sky Mesa Quiet Inferno f y Dennis Tucker 21000
Harbor the Gold Secret Cove c y Forster Stable, Cameron Hill Mortgages, Dr. K. Chan 11000
Second in Command Serengeti Sunrise f y Charlene Miller 17000
Harbor the Gold Shadow of Mine f y 0
Texas Wildcatter Sheisrough f y 0
Mizzen Mast Simple Words c y Patty Leaney 9500
Value Plus Starship Sapphire c y 0
Gemologist Star Torina g y Milton Palma 1500
Second in Command Summer Bay c y 0
Lent Tessanna f y Willow Creek Farms 9500
Bayern Thetaloveandmine f y Swift Thoroughbreds Inc. 26000
Lent Topanga g y 0
Texas Wildcatter Tricky Mind c y 0
Bakken Unattended c y 0
Palace Malace Unusual Strike f y Peter Redekop B.C. Ltd. 37000
Shackleford View Halloo f y Ken Johnson 19500
Speightster Virden f y Starfield Stable 34000
Second in Command We Are One g y Pocket Aces Racing Stable 4500
Successful Appeal Wild Image f y 0
Bakken Yodeling Ann g y Mort Hall 4000
Bakken Yoorock Gal f y Milton Palma 7500
Paynter J Z Now c y 0
Sky Kingdom Allouetta f y Larry Potozny & George Gilbert 5000
Wicked Strong Amarachi c y P. Sorensen, B. Albertson, D. Tucker, M. Hall 18000
Numaany Anna Dancer f y 0
Tale of Ekati Archery f y Dave Bauman 14500
Exhi Awesome Plan c y 0
War Dancer Baby Blaze g y 0
Lent Backseat Becka f y Willow Creek Farms 18000
Shanghai Bobby Bayou Miss c y Mark Cloutier 37000
New Year’s Day Be a Gem c y Big Fly Stables 18000
Flat Out Benny’s Girl g y Dave Bauman 49000
Bayern Brice’s Fire c y 0
Tapizar Chainsmoknsuprmodl f y George Gilbert 10000
Midshipman Chick Fight f y Copper Water Thoroughbreds 20000
Lent Chili Sauce f y Tamara Baker 4500
Numaany Chilli Chines f y Joy Cameron 14000
Second in Command Cindiana Jones f y Phil Hall and George Gilbert 11000
Fed Biz Citron Lady g y 0
Finality Classadala f y Riversedge Racing 24000
Tourist Classic Collection f y Brian O’Connell 5000
Bakken Cloud Blue f y Willow Creek Farms 5000
Paynter Crazy Party f y 0
Texas Wildcatter Naughty Librarian f y 0
Quality Road Rose Red m m 0

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