Railbird Notes by Glen Todd


Tuesday is always a slow day on the racing scene so its a good day to bring everybody up to date on how we are doing at Hastings Racecourse after 12 days of the current 51 day live racing season.

As of Sunday, we have run a total of 89 races, 8 of those are stakes races and 81 are overnight races.

The 8 stake racing have paid out a total of $400,000 which consists of $107,600.00 in nomination fees, Sponsorship of $20,000 and the stake pool total payout is $272,400.00.

Overnight races which total 81 races has had a payout of $1,297,770.00 which consists of $100,063 to BC Breds, $11,708.00 to 9-12 finishers and the purse pool total is $1,186,000.00.

The average overnight payout per race is $16,021.86 and average daily purse pool payout after 12 days is $141,480.83. per day.


According to Equibase a total of 347 horses have started at least once after 12 days of racing.

A total of 632 horses have entered the total of 89 races which is an average of 7.1 horses per race.


The total amount of wagering after 12 days is $6,324,272.42 compared to $5,566,542.37 in 2018.

We keep track of the daily handle day by day compared to the corresponding day of 2018 so after 12 days on a day to day basis the daily handle is up a total of $757,730.00.


The Wintering Incentive program last year in total paid out 84 horses and already in 2019 we have paid 107 horses the incentive for lower level claiming horses which is already 23 more then the previous year.

Of the 81 races to date a total of 33 races have been filled by the lower level claimers so the figures speak for themselves.  That works out to 41% of the races so far have been filled by the lower level claimers.  Without them where would we be?  I will tell where would we be, racing one day per week.

Fresh Horse Program has been very successful so far as we have paid out $82,000 to assist owners in bringing in new horses.  That number is expected to more then double by the end of the season,  This also is way ahead of 2018.

The Maiden Special Weight Bonus has paid out a total of $30,000 to BC Breds that have won a MSW Race.

Broodmare Purchase Program has slowed some which is not good news but the total payout is a mere $8,000.

Weanling Incentive Program in the meantime has paid out a total of $107,000.00 which is a very productive program and has been for the last few years.

The CTHS Maiden Program has paid out a total of $30,000.00.

The Racing Associations should be applauded for the programs that they have put in place, as without them?





  1. I’ve said this repeatedly – the incentive programs are brilliant and kudos to the Associations for working together to build them.

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