The Hole in the Wall Gang Consignment

The horses in the Hole in the Wall Gang consignment were purchased with funds provided by the BC Horse Racing Industry Management Committee for the purpose of directly enhancing the horse population at Hastings Racecourse and as such, are currently owned by the Industry. As such, all funds from their sale will be returned to Industry Enhancement Programs.

These horses are being sold without reserve, therefore, certain conditions will apply.

  1. Their papers will be retained in the Hastings Race Office for the entire 2019 season and cannot be raced elsewhere for the duration of the 2019 Hastings season.
  2. The horses will not be eligible for any of the existing Incentive Programs.
  3. Buyers, as a Condition of Purchase will be required to sign an agreement acknowledging the conditions and committing to abide by them.

All the Hole in the Wall Gang horses have been scoped by Dr. Ed Wiebe. They are authorized to provide the results of the scopes to any potential purchaser who wants the information.

Two-Year Olds

The Hole in the Wall gang consignment of two-year-olds was purchased at the October 2018 Fasig-Tipton Yearling Sale in Lexington, Kentucky. Richard Kent of Kaizen Sales was retained to scout the sale and purchase horses that he identified as desirable prospects.  Kent has a long history as a successful bloodstock agent, having bought and sold several thousand horses in his career.  A number of those were inexpensive purchases that were later sold for large prices.

All the two-year-olds consigned by the Hole in the Wall Gang had 30 days of breaking in the fall of 2018 under the supervision of trainer Mark Cloutier. Beginning in January they were ridden for 6 weeks, on the Canmor Farms track when the weather permitted, otherwise on the equicizer or in the arena.  They came to the track February 26 and have been galloping since.  Cloutier thinks all the two-year-olds will be capable of winning at Hastings and he singles out Desert Hills, Machine, Stay All Night and Causin’ Havoc in particular as impressing him the most to this point in all their young careers.


Hip           Name          Yearling Price      Trainer Comments — Mark Cloutier  (MC)  Patty Leaney  (PL)


1 —- Darlin Forever             2,500     Easy going, cool customer.  Picking up the bit and willing.  (MC)

2 —- Desert Hills           10,000 US Very forward “now” colt.  Has it all together.  Will do whatever asked (MC)

3 —- Dew Tell                   9,200 US   Big, scopey filly with a long stride. Never frets, easy to get on the bit.  (MC)

4 —- Disguised Humor       RNA        Wants to do the right thing and is going to be quick.  Seems speedy.  (MC)

6 —- Done That               8,000 US     A good sized filly who just goes out to the track and does her job.  (MC)

10 — I Got Vision             4,000 US      Nice mover and a very willing filly on the track. (MC)

11 — Lots Of Love         10,000 US      A fiery chestnut filly who just bows her neck and goes.  (MC)

12 — Machine               10,000 US      Long striding, classic distance way of going.  Checks all the boxes.  (MC)

16 — Sharp Move         10,500 US      A good moving filly with a lot of attitude.  (MC)

18 — Stay All Night         8,000 US      Well-made colt who travels well, likes to train and has some class.  (MC)

21 — Tilted                        1,000        Half-sister to a stakes placed horse is training well.  Cribs.  (PL)

23 — Walkinthewalk       8,000 US       Racy filly is already on the bit.  Very forward and competitive.  (MC).

28 — Causin’ Havoc     RNA 19,000     Big, long striding gelding.  Well put together and a mind to go with

  1.                             Was bought after the sale for 10,000 US (MC)

31 — Cowboy Creek     4,000 US          A very willing, rangy, long legged gelding who should like a route. (MC)


Older Horses    

Hip                                 Trainer Comments   Patty Leaney (PL)   Keith Pedersen  (KP)

7 — Ezekiel                             Classy, good to gallop and be around.  Sound and ready to go 3/8ths.  (PL)

9 — Horst                                 Personable horse with a big stride.  Sound and ready to go 3/8ths.  Cribs.  (PL)

13 – Omi                                   Training sound and without issues.  Goes to the track willingly.  (KP)

15 –Seeking Bull                     Placed in last start and claimed to be in this sale.

22 – Union Obsession              By top stallion Union Rags.  Claimed to be in this sale.

25 – Bear                                 Dead sound but no day at the beach.  Goes to the track with a pony.  (KP)

26 – Buck                                 Sound and training well with a maiden condition to work with.

30 – Commercial Appeal       A 9-time winner of 100K plus.  Good family with broodmare potential.

Veterinary Information——Hole in the Wall Gang Consignment

Two-Year Olds

At the Fasig-Tipton October Yearling Sale all consignors are required to have x-rays and scoping reports for every horse on file in the repository. A veterinarian summarizes the information in a Report Of Radiographic Findings and provides the document to the consignor to have available for potential buyers.  The same document contains the Scope Grade.  Veterinarians are required to declare any financial interest in a horse.

All of the yearlings purchased in Oct in Kentucky had satisfactory X-Rays and Scopes and the Vet reports provided by the consignors or checked by our Vet confirmed this.

Since leaving the sale in Lexington, these horses have not been x-rayed. They were scoped on Wednesday, the 14th of March, by Dr. Ed Wiebe.   He is authorized to fully disclose the results of those scopes to anyone who is interested.

Older Horses

The older horses were all scoped on Wednesday, the 14th of March, by Dr. Ed Wiebe.

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